Last weeks’s announcement of Budget 2017 saw Minister Heather Humphrey’s announce a range of funding for the Arts and Heritage bodies., which included a boost in funding to all of the National Cultural Institutions. 

An additional €5 million in funding for the Arts Council – an 8 percent increase in its annual funding. This was a warmly welcomed by all those involved as it will allow them to continue their work supporting artists and arts organisations.

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Overall funding for the Arts was cut by 16 percent but spending on Centenary projects won’t need to be included in the budget for next year so therefore funding is up by about €18 million.

The Irish Film Board received an extra €2 million, increasing their annual budget to €16 million for 2017. This will allow them to expand on the major successes of 2016.

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Minister Humphreys announced €2 million for the opening of the restored wings at the National Gallery and the opening of Killarney House, an additional €1 million for the Heritage Council and funding of €5 million for the implementation of the Culture 2025/Ireland 2016 Legacy Programme. Further details on this are due to be announced by the Minister in the coming weeks.

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